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Current Phase: Alpha
FFF is still in a mostly-brainstorming state. Most functions do currently work, but have not been tested thoroughly, and there are still some key components missing. The project however is nearing a finished state--or near enough to be released for critiquing.

Messaging System: Complete
Data File Generation: Partial
Submition Forms: Incomplete
Message Tree Walker: Complete
The flat-file forum system is simple: messages are stored as records, one per line, under a heading that is it's parent. Each record holds several pieces of information including the message itself and ID data to place it in the message tree appropriately and to identify it from the other messages. For more information about the structure of the data files, look at the documentation.

Currently, the FFF script can read data files, print the hierarchical tree correctly, and the user can completely navigate through the messages, viewing replies and message history. Works still needs to be done to allow the script to dynamically add records to the data tables, and to let the user post messages from a web-form. The script can also partially regenerate the original data file given the message tree, but has not been updated to compensate for the new file structure of the data files.
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